E-Plate 16

E-Plate 16


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E-Plate 16

E-Plates 16 are single use, disposable devices used for performing cell-based assays on the RTCA DP Instrument. The E-Plate 16 is in many respects similar to commonly used 16-well chamber slide plates. However, each well of the E-Plates 16 has incorporated sensor electrode arrays, so that cells inside each well can be monitored and assayed.

The E-Plate 16 has a low evaporation lid design. The diameter of the bottom of each well is 5.0 mm ± 0.075 mm, permitting a total volume of 270 μl ± 10 μl. Approx. 80% of the bottom surface area of each well are covered by the electrodes. The E-Plate 16 is designed to be used in an environment of +15°C to +40°C, relative humidity 98% maximum without condensation.

Single use only.

6 pieces


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E-Plate 16