E-Plate CardioECR 48

E-Plate CardioECR 48


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E-Plate CardioECR 48

The E-Plate® CardioECR 48 features two types of recording electrodes in each well. An innovative interdigitated microelectrode configuration enables real-time measurement of impedance, providing sensitive and real-time detection of cell viability and contractile activities. The additional point electrodes allow for extracellular field potential measurements, which can be performed in tandem with impedance recording. The footprint of the E-Plate complies with ANSI/SBS 1-2004 requirements, and the spacing of the wells in column is 9 mm center-to-center as per the ANSI/SBS 4-2004 standard for 96-well microplates.

For single use only.

6 Pieces


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E-Plate 48 CardioECR