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CIM Plate

CIM-Plates 16 are single use, disposable devices used for performing cell invasion and cell migration assays on the RTCA DP Instrument.  e CIM-Plate 16 comprises a plate cover, an upper chamber and a lower chamber. The upper chamber has 16 wells that are sealed at the bottom with a microporous polyethylene terephthalate (PET) membrane containing microfabricated gold electrode arrays on the bottom side of the membrane. The median pore size of this membrane is 8 μm. The lower chamber has 16 wells, each of which serves as a reservoir for media and any chemoattractant for the cells in corresponding upper chamber wells. After addition of media, the lower and upper chamber are easily assembled together with the aid of the CIM-Plate 16 Assembly Tool.

The bottom diameter of each well in both upper and lower chambers is 5.0 mm ±0.075 mm, permitting a total volume of 162 µl ± 3 µl and 180 μl ± 5 µl (135 μl ± 5 µl are recommended) for lower chamber and upper chamber, respectively. Approximately 80% of the membrane’s under-side surface area of each upper chamber well are covered by the electrodes. The CIM-Plate 16 is designed to be used in an environment of +15°C to +40°C, with a relative humidity 98% maximum without condensation.

Single use only.

6 pieces


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Upper Chamber with membrane

Lower Chamber