xCELLigence Monitors Biofilm Formation and Removal in Real-Time

Screening for novel anti-biofilm molecules against biofilm-forming pathogenic bacteria is of outstanding importance. In this work, the authors describe the suitability of the impedance-based xCELLigence DP instrument for monitoring the biofilm formation in real-time, delivering comprehensive kinetics without the need of staining procedures.

"Overall, results obtained in this work support that the impedance-based RTCA monitoring is a fast, reliable, and no-time consuming method than can be easily used, among other applications, to perform screening of strains able to form biofilms, as well as to search for bio-actives that interfere the biofilm formation, or remove the preformed ones, upon abiotic (gold) surface; this methodology also allows to determine the antimicrobial effective concentration."

Find the complete publication here: DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0163966 

Picture: Copyright © 2016 Gutiérrez et al. 




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