xCELLigence cited in over 1000 Scientific Papers in Cell Analysis and Drug Discovery

Cited in more than 1250 peer-reviewed scientific publications and still counting: xCELLigence is a must-have in the advanced lab for performing cell analysis and cell-based assays.


xCELLigence gains remarkable momentum in cell analysis and drug discovery workflows and provides valuable contributions in research projects. 

Whether you're already using xCELLigence or not, here is a list of every single paper being published in the last years.

Database xCELLigence and NovoCyte Publications

Tailor the list to your key application area and interest - by keyword search, and application field filters such as Cell Adhesion, Cytotoxicity or Cell Migration and more... 

See how xCELLigence is used with success in science and learn how real-time cell analysis technology might be a decisive advantage also for your research. 



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