Complementary Assays to Evaluate B Cell Tumor Killing Efficiency using CD19-BiTEs on Cellular and Molecular Level

A new application note describes the coupling of quantitative cell assays with biomarker quantitation to assess killing of B cells by CTLs (cytotoxic T lymphocytes).

The workflow comprises the use of xCELLigence RTCA Cytotoxicity Assays for kinetic assessment of the killing process,  as well as confirmation experiments using flow cytometry-based Cytolysis Assays. Finally, molecular phenomena are integrated by quantitative and bead-based multiplex immunoassays of cytokine and effector proteins.  

It is remarkable that both, cell samples and cell media were removed from xCELLigence experiments for confirmation experiments using flow cytometry and for cytokine and effector molecules analysis - due to the fact that cells are not destroyed by xCELLigence RTCA assays and thus are available for complementary analysis.

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 → also available: CYTO 2017 Workshop Recording



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