HPV mRNA Expression & CD34+ Counting - New Application Notes for NovoCyte Flow Cytometry

2 New Application Notes are available from ACEA Biosciences and ready for download from our website:

HPV E6/E7 mRNA expression analysis using the NovoCyte® Flow Cytometer

HPV detection has been a recent addition to cytology screening for cervical cancer and detection of viral mRNA is a direct indication of viral activity. With the use of the FLOWSCRIPT HPV E6/E7 assay and the NovoCyte flow cytometer, analysis of HPV RNA transcripts can be assessed on a single cell level even in mixed cell populations.


Direct enumeration of CD34+ cells in blood using the NovoCyte® Flow Cytometer

Accurate enumeration of CD34+ cells in blood without the need for fluorescent reference beads can be done on the NovoCyte Flow Cytometer through the use of a high precision syringe pump for sampling to determine particle concentration.




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