Webinar: Evaluating Drug Mediated Cytotoxicity in Real Time

+ xCELLigence Protocols, Tips & Tricks +
Evaluating Drug Mediated Cytotoxicity in Real Time

Thursday, June 15, 6 pm EST


There is currently an unmet need for in vitro toxicity assays with higher sensitivity, lower interference, and better predictive value than is possible using animal studies. ACEA’s impedance-based xCELLigence® RTCA Systems provide, in real-time and without the use of labels, quantitative kinetic data for drug-mediated cytotoxicity with minimal hands-on time by researchers.

Webinar Features


  • The utilities of the xCELLigence RTCA technology for quantitatively monitoring drug-mediated cytotoxicity in real-time
  • The protocols, tips, and tricks for conducting drug-mediated cytotoxicity assays
  • Real-time demonstration of data analysis and plotting for publications








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