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xCELLigence MP

The highly flexible System for High Throughput and/or Multi User Applications
xCELLigence MP:
Multi-Plate system for 6 x 96-well E-Plates. Highest flexibility for labs with really high sample throughput, or simultaneous use by several different users. Run your Real Time Cell Analysis (RTCA) fully automated and label-free to produce data of highest quality and integrity. The software covers a broad application range and incorporates a very comprehensive and flexible analysis tool. The integrated user administration allows to run up to 6 independent experiments in parallel. 

The broad application range and full kinetic data recorded make this technology far superior to any conventional assays. Get a wealth of information on the biological status of your cell cultures and even research on direct cell-cell interactions with a minimum space requirement inside the incubator.

Key Applications

  • Classical cell-based assays (proliferation, adhesion, viability, morphology etc.)
  • Cell-to-Cell interaction assays


Assays with 6 independent experiments in 96-well Plates
The xCELLigence MP is a multi-plate analyzer system for label-free cell-based assays and offers 6 independent cradles for one 96-well plate each. The space saving work station is put into the incubator, whereas experiment control, data acquisition and evaluation are handled by the analyzer and a PC (Laptop) located outside the incubator thus enabling continuous data recording.

  • Very high sample throughput due to 6 cradles for 96-well E-Plates 
  • User administration enables up to 6 experiment run in parallel and independently
  • Continuous recording of cells response signals in all cell based assaysten
  • Optimizes timing for compound application and/or downstream assays
  • Excellent reproducibility and data integrity (<0.3% well failures, <15% intra/inter plate variation)
  • Fully automated data acquisition throughout the whole experiment
  • Combine assays recorded with RTCA with end-point or microscopy assays for maximum information using the E-Plate 96 VIEW
  • Long term experiments under controlled physiological conditions in the incubator
  • Rapid analysis cycles: reading one full E-plate 96 needs only approx. 25 sec
  • Compact design of work station, needs comparatively small space in incubator
  • Easy to handle, intuitive user interface for programming the test protocol
  • Data Analysis software integrated

Method of Operation
Cells are seeded and grown on an E-plate equipped with gold-plated electrodes. The changes in morphology of the adhered cells cause changes in impedance of the electrodes. This allows to monitor all changes in cell status continuously and dynamically. As data are recorded continuously, this method of real time monitoring produces a wealth of information far superior to classical end-point assays. This technology is currently making its way into drug development, toxicology, cancer research, microbiology and virology.


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