Biocenter Basel free Tech Talk | CELL ASSAYS, refined

Smart Counting
  - just a few seconds for cell viability, cell concentration and more

Kinetics do the Trick
  - for a better understanding of cellular processes and responses

+Be in Full Control:  Real-time, label-free Monitoring of Cell Assays
(Dr. B. Gerlach, OLS Switzerland)
+The „Gold Standard“ in Cell Counting and Analysis: CASY, where Reliability meets Precision
(Dr. J. Pavel, OLS)
+Refresher:  The How-to Guide to CASY - with hands-on Demonstration
(Dr. J. Pavel, OLS)
Biocenter Basel, Kingentalstraße 50-70, Room 104, 4056 Basel, Switzerland
Monday, April 25 2016 16:15 - 17:15


Snacks & drinks will be provided.

+This event is organized by AG Odermatt, Pharmazentrum, Basel
+Questions or remarks? Call us at [+41 76 604 9829 ] or send us an email []

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