Cytotoxicity, Migration/Invasion and a new Flow Cytometer for Your Cell Assays: Pre-Cell Culture Days Symposium Graz

The Medical University of Graz together with OLS will host a pre-Cell Culture Days Symposium on May, 6 with three intriguing talks on the topics:
Label-free real-time Cell Analysis with xCELLigence, the new NovoCyte Flow Cytometer and a scientific report from Dr. Rinner's Lab at Medical University Graz using xCELLigence technology:

•From Cell Proliferation to Migration and Cytotox - Full Kinetics Cell-Assays in Real-Time with xCELLigence.
Dr. Josef Freund, OLS OMNI Life Science GmbH

•Flow Cytometry in Your Lab: NovoCyte delivers Easy Operation and State of-the-Art Technology.
Dr. Silke Schwengberg, ACEA Biosciences

•xCELLigence: Glioblastomas Migration and Invasion: Application examples using xCELLigence.
Ass.Prof.Dr. Beate Rinner, MedUni Graz


Snacks and beverages are offered!



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NovoCyte Flow Cytometer

The new NovoCyte. Your personal declaration of independence in flow cytometry. Available there where you need it : in your lab. It grows with your needs : Expandable at any time. Powerful :Best in Class at an amazing price-performance ratio. Intuitive :Load & Go software Get the manifold possibilities of a Flow Cytometer in your lab A flow cytometer provides virtually unlimited...

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xCELLigence DP

Zell-Migrations Assays und Zellanalytik in Echtzeit xCELLigence DP: Dual Purpose System – klassische Zellanalytik oder markerfreie online Zellmigrations-/Zell-Invasions Assays (CIM) in Echtzeit: 3 Stationen für E-Plates oder CIM Plates (Boyden Chambers) mit je 16 wells. Individuelle Experimente für die Stationen konfigurierbar. Neben klassischen Experimenten zu Zell-Proliferation, Zytotoxizität, Adhäsion,...

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