New CASY Application Note: How Chemicals influence Cell Proliferation – Straightforward Cell Culture Monitoring using CASY TT

A new application note from the Institute of Biophysics of the Leibniz Universität Hannover describes how the CASY is optimally used in the quality control of cell culture experiments. The authors describe how they use CASY to examine influences of drugs and chemicals on cell cultures before being used in subsequent experiments - such as for the investigation of molecular signaling pathways.
Do these substances per se have a cytotoxic effect or influence cell growth and thus the outcome of the planned experiment?
Such information is mandatory to obtain  reliable results in cell assays which require a reliable comparison of differently treated cell populations.
The group investigated this problem with the CASY, as it is ideal to determine the cell proliferation by measuring the viable cell count after treated with the drug.  CASY measures vital cells, dead cells and cell debris simultaneously - essential parameters for quality control of a cell culture.
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Annegret Becker, Almke Bader, Anne Klett & Inken Hertrampf | Institut für Biophysik | AG Zellphysiologie & Zelluläre Mechanik | Prof. Dr. Ngezahayo | Leibniz Universität Hannover | Germany
Almke Bader and Annegret Becker:
“We use the CASY TT cell counter for the fast and easy analysis of the cell proliferation of various cell lines in response to different chemicals or in dependence of different culture conditions. For these studies the CASY TT allows a simple and quantifiable determination of the growth behaviour of the cells with minimal effort.
We routinely work with the CASY TT cell counter because it enables the simple and convenient monitoring of our cell cultures. We are able to visualize not only the cell number but also the vital state of our cell cultures. This enables us to easily evaluate the quality of the cells and to reproduce and standardize the cell culture quality for our experiments. Furthermore, due to the possibility to save up to 20 different measurement set-ups, the simultaneous handling of different cell lines is very easy with the CASY TT. Finally, the CASY TT is consistently integrated in our daily laboratory routine.”

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Zell Counter + Analyzer zum Einsatz in Forschungslaboren mit hohem Probendurchsatz und GLP Bereichen mit hohen Anforderungen an die Reproduzierbarkeit. Einsatzgebiete Zuverlässige Multiparameter-Qualitätskontrolle von Zellkulturen bei geringen Kosten. Simultane Bestimmung von Zellzahl, Zellvitalität, Zellgrößenverteilung, Zellvolumen, Zellaggregation und Zelldebris in weniger als 10 Sekunden. Hohe...

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