Save-The-Date: European Cardio Symposium, Oct 2, 2015  post Annual SPS Meeting

Save the Date: 2nd Annual European Cardio Symposium

Advancements in Cardiac Safety Assessment and Cardiovascular Disease Models

October 2nd, 2015 Prague, Czech Republic

SAVE THE DATE for the 2nd Annual European Cardio Symposium on October 2nd held immediately after the 2015 Annual SPS Meeting in Prague (Czech Republic). 

Learn more and register in advance: European Cardio Symposium 



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xCELLigence CARDIO  system is a high-resolution system, utilizing non-invasive impedance readout for real time monitoring of functional beating activity of cardiomyocytes in the wells of E-Plate CARDIO 96. The application range of the xCELLigence system will be extended to the important field of preclinical cardiac safety assessment, cardiac drug screening and basic research. A Ingenious Solution for  in vitro  Cardiac...

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xCELLigence CardioECR

A Comprehensive Solution for in vitro Cardiac Safety Assessment   The xCELLigence RTCA CardioECR System is the first ever platform to combine impedance and field potential recording for simultaneous and noninvasive measurement of integrated ion channel activity and contractility of cardiomyocytes in a 48 well microtiter plate format. The system is designed to be placed in a standard tissue culture incubator with physiological...

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