xCELLigence Application Book

xCELLigence RTCA Technolgie ist schon in einer Vielzahl von zellbasierten Anwendungsbereichen fest etabliert. Lernen Sie in diesem Application Book eine Vielzahl von Anwendungsbeispielen kennen, nehmen Sie Anregungen auf und lassen Sie sich für Ihre Arbeiten inspirieren. 

Das Application Book ist kostenlos als Download für Sie hier verfügbar. Gerne senden wir Ihnen auch ein gedrucktes Exemplar zu! Nehmen Sie mit uns → Kontakt auf!

Folgende Anwendungsbereiche werden in der Sammlung vorgestellt und mit weiterführender Literatur versehen: 

  • Quality Control of Cells
  • Drug-Mediated Cytotoxicity/Apoptosis
  • Cell-Mediated Cytotoxicity
  • Cell Adhesion and Spreading
  • Receptor Mediated Signaling
  • G-Protein Coupled Receptor
  • Receptor Tyrosine Kinase
  • Nuclear Hormone Receptor
  • Cell-Response Profiling: Small Molecule and siRNA
  • Virus Mediated Cytopathogenicity
  • Endothelial Barrier Function
  • Cardiosafety Testing
  • Stem Cells and Differentiation
  • Immune Cell Activation
  • Phenotypic Screening
  • Cell Invasion and Migration
  • Cell-Cell Interactions: Co-Culture





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Compact in the Incubator, Wi-Fi controlled Assays and Analysis iCELLigence:  The system is controlled via a tablet PC (iPad ® ) and the work station has capacity for 2x 8-well plates (E-plate L8/E-plate L8 VIEW). It can run assays for testing adhesion, proliferation, cytotoxicity, morphology changes, modulation of barrier function and more. A large cavity volume (up to 650 µL) is available. The tablet PC comes with...

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xCELLigence CARDIO  system is a high-resolution system, utilizing non-invasive impedance readout for real time monitoring of functional beating activity of cardiomyocytes in the wells of E-Plate CARDIO 96. The application range of the xCELLigence system will be extended to the important field of preclinical cardiac safety assessment, cardiac drug screening and basic research. A Ingenious Solution for  in vitro  Cardiac...

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xCELLigence MP

The highly flexible System for High Throughput and/or Multi User Applications xCELLigence MP: Multi-Plate system for 6 x 96-well E-Plates. Highest flexibility for labs with really high sample throughput, or simultaneous use by several different users. Run your Real Time Cell Analysis (RTCA) fully automated and label-free to produce data of highest quality and integrity. The software covers a broad application range and incorporates a very...

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xCELLigence SP

Space saving 96-well Single-Plate System xCelligence SP: Single plate system for 96-well E-Plates. Small foot print, minimum space consumption inside the incubator. Run your Real Time Cell Analysis (RTCA) fully automated and label-free to produce data of highest quality and integrity. A broad application range and full kinetic data recorded make this technology far superior to any conventional assays. Get a wealth of information on the...

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xCELLigence DP

Zell-Migrations Assays und Zellanalytik in Echtzeit xCELLigence DP: Dual Purpose System – klassische Zellanalytik oder markerfreie online Zellmigrations-/Zell-Invasions Assays (CIM) in Echtzeit: 3 Stationen für E-Plates oder CIM Plates (Boyden Chambers) mit je 16 wells. Individuelle Experimente für die Stationen konfigurierbar. Neben klassischen Experimenten zu Zell-Proliferation, Zytotoxizität, Adhäsion,...

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