Your New Flow Product Specialist at OLS

Allow us to introduce you to Dr. Peter Engel. Peter joined the OLS team recently as a dedicated product specialist for Flow Cytometry. His long years of practical experience and his detailed knowledge of flow cytometry applications qualifies him as your consultant and partner for any question related to Flow Cytometry and the NovoCyte: 

"With the NovoCyte, ACEA developed a flow cytometer with an outstanding level of usability, at utmost flexibility while not patronizing the user. It supports the work of novices and experts each on their level - it really triggers you to"work in the state of flow".

Anything you always wanted to know about NovoCyte Flow Cytometry and your application? Don't hesitate, now it's the right time to ask.

Get in touch: Peter is available by Mail: → and by phone: +49 421 276 16 9-0

Who is OLS?  → Here is the team behind OLS.

Learn more about → NovoCyte Flow Cytometry.


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