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Based on electrical impedance measurements (using the xCELLigence system), the authors established a label-free assay, facilitating the real-time monitoring of T-cell-mediated cytotoxicity. The coculture of peptide-specific T-cell lines with peptide-loaded target cells reproducibly led to a decrease in impedance due to induced apoptosis and detachment of target cells. Comparing our results to the standard CRA assay, we could demonstrate that impedance-based measurements show comparable results after short incubation periods (6 h) but outperform the CRA both in reproducibility and sensitivity after prolonged incubation (24 h), enabling the detection of target cell lysis with an effector to target ratio as low as 0.05:1.


Eine neue Publikation validiert den ADAM-rWBC im Vergleich mit Flow Cytometry und manueller Zählung: ADAM-rWBC verdeutlicht durch eine höchste Präzision im Vergleich seine Leistungsfähigkeit und ist damit die ideale Lösung für das Routine Screening von Rest-Leukozyten.