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Teresa Krabbe, PhD student working in the group of Dr. Jennifer Altomonte, Klinikum Rechts der Isar of the Technical University Munich is awarded the recent xCELLigence Research Grant.


Tips and tricks for successful cell proliferation analysis in mixed cell populations with walk-away automation


In this webinar we present a unique live cell assay which allows label-free and continuous tracking of CPE progression in virus-infected cells, providing a dramatically simplified workflow for diverse virology assays


A new Application Note provides a simple protocol to evaluate immunotherapies against liquid tumors.


upgrade your scratch assay


The recent ACEA research grant goes to Mass General Cancer Center and Harvard Medical School


Ein Paradigmenwechsel in der Kultivierung von Sphäroiden, Organoiden und Gewebeproben in der Krebs- und Stammzellforschung


CASY was used to accurately determine cell count and viability of target tumor cells exposed to various cytostatic drugs, potentially supporting chemotherapy of peritoneal metastasis


European Cardio Symposium - Join Us!

Registration for ACEA Biosciences European Cardio Symposium is open


New xCELLigence® Immunotherapy Liquid Tumor Killing Assays


Cell Biologist as a Scientific Sales Manager Cell Assays, Germany South and Austria (f/m)


Biofilms: Scientists studying antimicrobial drugs were awarded xCELLigence Research Grant from ACEA Biosciences

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