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How Tessa Therapeutics screens hundreds of experimental modifications for solid tumor immunotherapy


A new Application Note provides a simple protocol to evaluate immunotherapies against liquid tumors.


The recent ACEA research grant goes to Mass General Cancer Center and Harvard Medical School


European Cardio Symposium - Join Us!

Registration for ACEA Biosciences European Cardio Symposium is open


ACEA E-Plate Summer Promotion 2018


12 Bottom Chambers for CIM-Plates per Sales Unit. Single Use only. Order number: 2801915.


Register now for our webinar "Sensitive Yet Realistic Assessment of CAR T Cell Killing Capacity Against Solid Tumors"


Human iPSC-derived cardiomyocytes: Participate in a Wet Lab Demo of the ACEA Cardio ECR Analyzer in Cologne Bio Campus September 7 - 9, hosted by Axiogenesis.


Professor Ungefroren, CBBM | Center of Brain, Behavior and Metabolism, Universität zu Lübeck, explains the application of xCELLigence DP in his research areas


xCELLigence Real-Time Cell Analyzer provide a comprehensive representation of an entire cell-based assay. Monitor the kinetic effects of treatments or manipulations - label-free, online. This video shows the basic steps to set up a Cell Migration Assay: It's easy, convientent, fast and reliable to get a comprising view on cell-based assays


Meet OLS and Your Peers in Switzerland - the xCELLigence User Meeting in Basel, Sept. 22.


Prior to in vivo studies, by using the xCELLigence platform for a read-out over 30hours, it has been shown that epigenetic upregulation of NY-ESO-1 by DAC sensitize 2 glioblastoma cell lines to NY-ESO-1–T cells killing, at the physiological ratio of 1:1.

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