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Webinar: Detecting Bacteria in Water

Flow cytometers with a high sensitivity of detection provide tools for detecting and analysing microbes independent of their cultivability and allows precise and rapid determinations of microbial bulk parameters and delivers detailed information on the general microbial state.


We combine xCELLigence assays with NovoCyte ?ow cytometric analyses to characterize two key immunological prophylactic mechanisms. First, we track Bispeci?c T Cell Engager (BiTE)-mediated stimulation of cancer cell killing by T cells. Next, we shift our focus to NETosis, a cell death process that occurs when stimulated neutrophils cast an extracellular web containing DNA, histones, and anti-bacterial proteins that ensnare/neutralize invading organisms.


3 new application notes describe the use of NovoCyte for HPV mRNA expression analysis, real-time Ca 2+ measurement at the single cell level and the accurate CD34+ cells enumeration in hematopoirtic transplantation.


In this webinar, viewers will have the chance to learn about tools and recent developments in flow cytometry that simplify assay design and workflow.


The destruction of Daudi B cells by T cells in the presence or absence of a Bispecific T Cell Engager (BiTE) was analyzed in real-time using the xCELLigence technology. Concurrently, because cells are not destroyed by this technique, it was possible to remove samples at select time points and confirm cell killing by flow cytometry. Moreover, by removing media from select wells of the xCELLigence microtiter plate, the secretion of 7 different cytokines and 6 different effector molecules were also analyzed using a bead-based multiplex assay combined with flow cytometry.


Join ACEA's global flow cytometry webinar featuring renowned speakers, namely Paul Wallace (Roswell Park Cancer Institute, President of CYTO), Bill Telford (NIH/NCI), and Chris Groves (MedImmune) and learn the latest instrumentation and application news related to flow cytometry.


SIZE MATTERS. big show for small particles.

Join us for a free Flow Cytometry and Microparticles workshop
Thursday Jan. 12, 2017 | 10:00 – 16:00 | Forschungszentrum Borstel, Reflektorium, Parkallee 1-40, 23845 Borstel


NovoCyte obtained CE-IVD certification and provides 21 CFR Part 11 support


Yellow Laser for NovoCyte Flow Cytometer

New: Yellow Laser NovoCyte Systems available.


Webinar NovoCyte Flow Cytometry

November 17: We will present the importance of studying free radicals, their dual roles as both toxic and beneficial compounds in cellular response and immune function. We will also introduce a new panel of multicolor CytoTell™ cell proliferation and tracking dyes that are well excited by major NovoCyte laser lines.


Dr. Telford highlights key innovations on NovoCyte that make flow cytometry acquisition and analysis simple, easy and inexpensive for everyone.


NovoCyte Flow Cytometer Live Demo at Analytica - get Your free Ticket!

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