A new tool for your CASY TT - CASYworX

CASYworX provides data analysis, graphic overlays, charts, data export and average calculation, shortly - all the features that you as a user had on your wish list.

CASYworX is the new platform to organize and evaluate your CASY TT data. With CASYworX you easily transfer data from the CASY to PC, collect measurements in an experiment file, search and sort data, evaluate your measurements and export to MS-Excel®.

The software replaces CASYexcell, so if you are used to using CASYexcell, you will be quickly familiar with CASYworX. 

However, design and functional range changed a lot - but with the accompanying reference guide no question should remain unanswered. 

The best is: It's free for all CASY TT users. 

Now, where to get it? 

CASYworX is available from here: www.cellcounting.de





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