Real-Time Cell Assays in 16 Wells: The New xCELLigence S16 + Special offer

Label-free, real-time cell analysis in a 16-well format

The xCELLigence® RTCA S16 instrument uses noninvasive electrical impedance monitoring to quantify cytotoxicitycell proliferation, morphology change, receptor signaling and attachment quality in a label-free, real-time manner. The S16 (single 16-well plate) model is the smallest within the xCELLigence® instrument line.

The instrument is placed in a standard CO2 cell culture incubator and interfaces via a cable with analysis and control units that are housed outside the incubator. User friendly software allows for real-time control and monitoring of the instrument, and includes real-time data display and analysis functions.

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By skipping the guesswork associated with end-point assays and eliminating the time- and labor-intensive steps of traditional cell-based assays, real-time cell analysis (RTCA) with the xCELLigence® RTCA S16 vastly improves efficiency and overall productivity.

Product Launch Special Offer

+ + + Save 5,000€ on orders until August 31, 2018 for a xCELLigence S16 bundle + + +

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xCELLigence S16

Kompakt im Inkubator, markierungsfreie Echtzeit-Assays in einem 16-Well Format xCELLigence S16: Das System eröffnet Ihnen Zugang zu Real-Time Experimenten zu Zell-Proliferation, Zytotoxizität, Adhäsion, Morphologie, Modulation von Barrierefunktion und mehr. Große Zellkultur-Volumina sind möglich und erlauben die Weiterverwendung der Zellkulturen in orthogonalen Assays. Starten Sie sofort Ihre Real-Time...

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