Summer Slump? Stock Up Now Your E-Plates and Start Up at Full Steam!

Take Advantage of our E-Plate Summer Promotion 2018

Enjoy a beautiful summer - and be prepared to restart instantly your xCELLigence experiments after the holidays:   

Stock up now your E-Plates requirements and save a 15% discount on all ACEA xCELLigence  E-Plates.   

Hence, it's easy: use the PDF below to order type and quantity of E-plates needed, send your order with the promocode, and sink into a deckchair (or whatever you plan for holidays) with the comforting feeling of being prepared for the exiting research you are looking forward to ( ...  later this year)!

Download PDF:

xCELLigence E-Plate Summer 2018


OBTW: Find a special offer for the new ACEA xCELLigence S16 here.




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