Cytological Characterization of Granulomas with CASY

In an article, published in Immunity, VOLUME 29, ISSUE 6, P998-1008, the authors investigated the lymphotoxin-dependent prion replication in inflammatory stromal cells of granulomas.

CASY was used in the study for cytological characterization of granulomas and compared to spleen cells.

CASY provided the researchers with fast, easy and reliable measurements of cell size, cell number and cell viability both from spleen and granulomas. While spleens were mainly composed of lymphocytes with approx. 6 µm diameter, granulomas were mainly composed of large cells such as macrophages or granulocytes. Results were confirmed by stained cytospins. 

Besides reliable cell counting, CASY's analytical capabilities add considerable value to cell-based research by quick and easy cell size and cell viability monitoring. 

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