We exhibit at Labvolution Hannover May 21 - 23. 

Drop by at our Booth and learn the latest trends in cell-based Research!

  • CERO, innovative new 3D cell culture for iPS cells, Spheroids and Organoids
  • Impressive new live cell imaging possiblities with eSight and CELENA
  • News from ACEA xCELLigence real-time Cell Assays
  • See the new tricks we taught the renowned CASY Cell Counter & Analyzer

Schedule a meeting at Labvolution:

Free admission, get your free ticket for Labvolution.

Please note: the ticket is only valid upon registration/activation, this is most conveniently done online, before the show. Each eTicket is valid for the entire duration of LABVOLUTION 2019. The necessary 5-digit code is pre-filled, simply click "next" on the form. 

We are looking forward meeting you at LABVOLUTION!



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Here is CERO. A 3D Benchtop Incubator &...

  CERO. A Novel 3D Benchtop Incubator & Bioreactor    It's ideal for your Spheroids  Organoids iPS Cells Primary Cells     You gain accelerated cell expansion, differentiation and maturation healthy cells from long-term cultivation superb yield while cost-effective      Effortless CERO allows easy walk-away touch screen based...

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CASY Cell Counter & Analyzer

+ + + NEU: Messen und Auswerten mit Tablet, Laptop oder PC + + +  + + + Mehr und bessere Messroutinen + + + + + + plus Datenorganisation und umfassende Analysentools + + + + + + Jetzt Software testen: + + +      Zell Counter + Analyzer zum Einsatz in Forschungslaboren mit hohem Probendurchsatz und GLP Bereichen mit hohen Anforderungen an die Reproduzierbarkeit....

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