iPSCs - streamline your cell culture & cell qc workflow

When working with iPSCs for research, optimized cell culture, cell expansion and quality control is highly relevant.

Let's be more specific: 

Such a workflow should provide

  • simple,
  • robust and
  • cost-effective
  • mid-scale propagation

of iPSCs in parallel assays.


And, importantly, such a workflow should be

  • easy to set up,
  • require little attention and provide
  • highly reproducible results


Well, here it is.

Basically, it consists of two systems enabling reliable healthy competent cells as a basis for downstream applications in biobanking, disease modeling or cell therapy research.

It's a.) CERO

CERO is a 3D benchtop incubator & bioreactor. It's ideal for expansion of iPS cells. And even more, CERO is the system of choice when it comes to cultivation of spheroids or organoids or even tissue. CERO improves expansion and maturation keeping manual interaction to a minimum. Expect high biomass at low media consumption due to optimzed nutrient exchange. More about CERO

and b.) CASY

CASY has proven its singularity as a cell counter in precision and reliability since decades. Today, CASYs renowed cell counting technology is equipped with brand-new acquisition and analysis software. In seconds - without the need for staining procedures - CASY allows to assess the status of your cell culture regarding cell count, cell viability, cell size, cell aggregation and total biomass. More about CASY


Sounds interesting?

Well, simply request your iPSC expansion & qc package: YES, send package

What the package contains:

  • How CERO and CASY team up for an optimized workflow, presentation       
  • A simple method for mid-scale expansion of hPSCs, application report
  • Ready-to-use hiPSCs from CERO, a dynamic 3D bioreactor, application report
  • Expansion of pluripotent stem cells in CERO 3D versus 2D, a protocol 





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