Now in french language: Learn how easy it is to set up migration assays with xCELLigence DP

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xCELLigence Real-Time Cell Analyzer provide a comprehensive representation of an entire cell-based assay. Monitor the kinetic effects of treatments or manipulations - label-free, online. This video shows the basic steps to set up a Cell Migration Assay: It's easy, convientent, fast and reliable to get a comprising view on cell-based assays


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xCELLigence DP

Zell-Migrations Assays und Zellanalytik in Echtzeit xCELLigence DP: Dual Purpose System – klassische Zellanalytik oder markerfreie online Zellmigrations-/Zell-Invasions Assays (CIM) in Echtzeit: 3 Stationen für E-Plates oder CIM Plates (Boyden Chambers) mit je 16 wells. Individuelle Experimente für die Stationen konfigurierbar. Neben klassischen Experimenten zu Zell-Proliferation, Zytotoxizität, Adhäsion,...

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