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Cancer Immunotherapy | Cytotoxicity & Cytolysis

Monitor Killing Activity as a Function of Time.
Gain deep Insights into Your CAR-T (and similar) cells.

Imagine a system that … 

  • delivers online monitoring of cytopathic effects,
  • with full kinetics in real-time,
  • works label-free, under physiological conditions,
  • requires a minimal number of cells, 
  • while dramatically reducing your workload.


It‘s here. It's called xCELLigence.

  • Ideal for assessing immune-mediated tumor cell killing. 
  • Label-free and full kinetics read-outs for medium to high throughput screening by a sensitive and reliable technology based on impedance from ACEA Biosciences, the industry leader. 
  • Cytotoxicity assay workflow under physiological conditions allowing prolonged incubation up to several days.
  • Demonstrated in more than 1000 publications.


It works. Peer-reviewed publications (examples):


New: Dedicated Immunotherapy Software available

Powerful immunotherapy tools at your fingertips. Analyze cytolytic activity from the xCELLigence platform.

  • directly convert to % cytolysis
  • track measurements at relevant E:T ratios, with time points in seconds, minutes, hours or days
  • apply multiple reference samples for determining 5 cytolysis and KT50 (time to kill 50% target cells)
  • advanced visualization tools
  • rapid normalization and compensation
  • publication-ready data


Example: PBMC-Mediated Cytolysis of BT474 Cells in Presence and Absence of Trastuzumab

ADCC - Cytotoxicity -Trastuzumab

Cell index (CI) values are proportionally reduced with increasing effector to target (E/T) ratios in the presence of trastuzumab. BT474 clone 5 cells were maintained for 26 h and then were treated with media alone (control) or with media plus mononuclear cells isolated from human blood (panel A). Cells were treated in an identical fashion in Panel B except for the inclusion of 0.1 ug/ml of trastuzumab. Cell index values were normalized at the time of addition. Blue represents growth with no mononuclear cells (control) while green, orange, purple and red represents growth in the presence of MNCs at E/T ratios of 0.5/1, 1/1, 2:1, and 6/1, respectively. The vertical dashed lines indicate the 16 h window of time after treatment used to determine AUC values. Normalized cell index values are plotted in 15 min increments as the average of three replicate with the standard deviation.

Oncoimmunology. 2012 Sep 1;1(6):810-821. Understanding key assay parameters that affect measurements of trastuzumab-mediated ADCC against Her2 positive breast cancer cells.Kute T, Stehle Jr JR, Ornelles D, Walker N, Delbono O, Vaughn JP. Wake Forest University School of Medicine; USA.


It's literally "Plate & Go"

Setting up a Cytotoxicity Assay is fast & easy, watch a 4 Minute Video:



Read what Users are Saying

Shannon McGettigan, Carl H June et al

   S McGettigan, Y Luo, K Watanabe, J Scholler, CH June
   "Main advantages using xCELLigence killing assays: 
   It reveals kinetic differences that cannot be captured
   with fixed end point platforms, it uses a minimum of cells,
   saves time and correlates well with standard cytotoxicity measurements.


   Dr. Felix Bohne, Helmholtz Zentrum München
   "For me, the xCELLigence technology is the perfect tool 
   to run cytotox assays, as such tests are simply indispensable for our research."



Watch a Recent Research Webinar

Bispecific Antibody Constructs Mediate Immunotherapeutic Retargeting

Immunotherapeutic retargeting of effector cells is a promising approach to circumvent the immunotolerant state found in malignancies and chronic viral infections. In this webinar, Dr. Bohne from the German Research Center for Environmental Health (Helmholtz Zentrum München) will discuss using xCELLigence RTCA technology in conjunction with other cellular/molecular tools to identify bispecific antibody constructs as a promising new immunotherapeutic approach against chronic hepatitis B.



Technical Note

How xCELLigence replaced Chromium Release Assay (CRA)

J Peper, IFIZ Tübingen, Germany
"We‘ve searched an alternative to CRA,
ideally without the need for using dyes or being
limited by endpoint-assays.
xCELLigence turned out to be most suitable and
easy to install. We now achieve an effector to
target ratio of 0.05 : 1, evaluate complete kinetics and even might use
effector cells in further experiments"

Find all details in Technical Note "An impedance-based cytotoxicity assay for real-time and label-free assessment of T-cell-mediated killing of adherent cells." J Immunol Methods. 2014 Mar; 405:192-8. doi: 10.1016/j.jim.2014.01.012.


Watch a Recent Educational Webinar Recording now

Utilizing Label-Free Real-Time Cell Analysis Technology for Cancer Immunotherapy Applications 

Utilizing a Label-Free Real-Time Cell Analysis Technology for Cancer Immunotherapy Applications 


It’s your turn. Optimize your Cytotoxicity Assays now.

Get in touch with our experts and learn more about xCELLigence 


One Step further. Simply add Complementary Assays such as Flow Cytometry or Biomarker Immunoassay

Easily couple quantitative xCELLigence Cytotoxicity Assay with Flow Cytometry Cytolysis Assays and Multiplex Immunoassays of Cytokines and Effector Molecules.

Enabled by the unique feature of xCELLigence real-time assays that cells remain preserved during the assay and are not destroyed, both cells and media are available for complementary assays. 

→ Learn more, Application Note available.


Liquid Cancer Immunotherapies Kits - Monitor the Efficiacy of Liquid Cancer Immunotherapies Inside Your Incubator.

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