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Virus / Vaccine Infectious Titers in Real-Time

A New Tool for Your Virology Research and Vaccine Development.

Astonishingly simple, xCELLigence Real Time Cell Analysis enables you to titrate vaccine virus samples with comprising infection kinetics and superb sensitivity.

Expect results with unsurpassed detail in quantitative information-rich experiments, while reducing your lab workload.

It's information-rich
By continuously monitoring viral cytopathic effects, comprehensive infection kinetics are recorded and behavioral details are revealed that are missed by classical end point assays such as CCID50.

It's simple
Setup the experiment, initiate data acquisition, done: A 96-well plate is read in 7 seconds. Track viral cytopathic effects over the assay window, spanning from seconds to days / weeks.

It's sensitive
Detect even subtle host cell morphological changes and record specific profiles of the virus/vaccine infection process.

It allows broad Virology Applications, such as

  • Viral titer determination
  • Neutralizing antibody efficacy
  • Target cell killing efficacy
  • Tissue tropism
  • Gene knockout studies
  • Host-Virus interactions
  • Vaccine / Strains / Mutants relative fitness


Now, how does it work?

The system utilizes microtiter plates with gold biosensors in the bottom of each well. Using impedance, these biosensors continuously and non-invasively monitor changes in cell number, cell size and cell attachment quality. 

The biosensor signal, "Cell Index" increases when seeded cells attach to the bottom of a well and proliferate. Upon infection with a virus, impedance changes of the cells are recorded by the biosensors with high sensitivity, and real-time cytopathic effect curves are acquired continuously.
Certainly, multiple conditions, such as the presence of neutralizing antibodies and various controls can be run simultaneously.


A recent study performed by scientists from Sanofi Pasteur and Rexia in France, assessed the correlation between the results from CCID50 and RTCA (real-time cell assay).

Read the study here: Robust real-time cell analysis method for determining viral infectious titers during development of a viral vaccine production process.

(Journal of Virological Methods, Vol. 252, February 2018, pages 57 - 64)

In brief, the authors conclude:

  • viral CPE was observed in a dose-dependent manner
  • RTCA was highly reproducible
  • RTCA is easily high-throughput capable
  • RTCA is label-free, results are available directly with the assay
  • RTCA is significantly more flexible when programming the titrations
  • RTCA was 5 times less labor-intensive than CCID50
  • RTCA was 3.5 less cost-intensive than CCID50

These factors qualified RTCA as an advantageous alternative for viral vaccine process development and is now used for virus titration to support bioprocess studies at Sanofi Pasteur.


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A Groundbreaking Technology for Vaccine Development:
New Techniques in Viral Cytopathogenicity Assessment using Real Time Cell Analysis





A New Way to Monitor Virus-Mediated Cytopathogenicity.
Here, Vero E6 cells were dynamically monitored during VSV infection. The virus-mediated effect on adhesion and proliferation of the cells was monitored by measuring the impedance every 15 minutes. At 20.5 hours virus was added with two different MOIs. With low MOI, cells continued to grow for 15 hours (blue curve) similar to mock-infected cells (green curve). Then, Cell Index (CI) values decreased, indicating dying cells. At 24 hours after infection, CI had decreased to 50% of maximum value (CI50) and then declined to zero indicating complete cell death. In contrast, infection with a high MOI (red curve) resulted in a decrease of CI of the cells at 4 hours post infection and the CI50 was reached after 11 hours.

Read Application Note VSV Cytopathogenicity profile using Vero E6 cells.


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