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Less Workload, More Consistent Results for Your Flow Analysis

Reduce cell washing to 3 – 6 minutes. Increase reproducibility.

Here is the new Laminar Wash System from CURIOX. Using a wall-less plate and a washer, the system enables superior consistency and robust flow cytometry data. Utilizing gravity and laminar flow, the system completes washing in 3 – 6 minutes. Fully automated, it avoids time-consuming manual pipetting and provides more consistent Flow results.

Laminar Wash helps you to avoid error-prone manual tasks, such as centrifugation steps and supernatant removal.

Laminar Wash lets you achieve 

  • Consistency by reducing variation from manual handling
  • Time savings by completing cell washing in 3–6 minutes
  • More than 95% cell retention, even after multiple washes of permeabilized cells*
  • Reduced cell stress due to no centrifugation
  • Easy integration into your lab automation

* The actual cell retention may vary subject to a type of cell and assay. One well can accommodate a single cell to ten million cells.


Centrifuge-less, more Consistent: CURIOX Laminar Wash System for Your Flow Cytometry Analysis


The Laminar Wash System consists of a wall-less plate and a washer instrument. Based on laminar flow, a dual nozzle aspirates staining reagents after natural settlement of cells and thus reduces non-specific binding to minimum.

Enabling multi-color flow cytometry

  • Each well accommodates up to 75ul, 300ul for whole blood
  • Plate can handle single cell to 10M cells/well
  • Plates follow SBS standards


Compelling Results: Poster CYTO 2017, Cenrifuge-less Immunostaining of Suspension Cells for Flow Cytometry Analysis 


“With minimal hands-on time, Laminar Wash technology enables researchers to conduct complex multi-parametric flow cytometry cell assays without the cellular stress and time associated with centrifugation based procedures.”

Main advantages described in Poster

  • Improved viability of cells
  • Improved separation between cell populations leading to more reliable gating of distinct cell subsets 
  • Improved outcomes with unsupervised multi-parametric data analysis, e.g. detection of CD4+CD57+ or switched memory B cell subsets in Laminar Wash data but not in classical wash procedure data (Fig 4&5)
  • Overall Laminar Wash benefits include: improved cell viability, retention >95% cells regardless of the number of washes, easier segregation of cell populations, consistent & reproducible data even without an operator, 3-5 minute washing, and improved output of high-dimensional data

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How Laminar Wash Works



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