Liquid Tumor Cell Killing Assay in Real-Time

Monitor the Efficiacy of Liquid Cancer Immunotherapies Inside Your Incubator

Use xCELLigence Immunotherapy Kits with your Real-Time Cell Analysis system for a non-invasive solution to a broad range of liquid cancer immunotherapies and suspension tumor cell killing applications. Improve reproducibility while maintaining cell health with continuous kinetic measurement.


  • REAL-TIME: Quantitative monitoring of both, fast (hours) and slow (days) killing
  • SIMPLE WORKFLOW: Without extra sample handling steps
  • EXQUISITE SENSITIVITY: Physiologically relevant, low effector : target ratios
  • AUTOMATIC DATA PLOTTING: Precluding subjective data vetting



Step 1: The target liquid cancer cells are first seeded in the wells of an electronic microtiter plate (E-Plate) that have been pre-coated with an tethering antibody. This biosensor signal (Cell Index) increases as cells proliferate and then plateaus as cells approach 100% confluence.

Step 2: When added subsequently, non-adherent immune effector cells in suspension do not cause impedance changes.

Step 3: However, if effector cells induce cell death of the target tumor cells, this cytolytic activity can be sensitively and precisely detected. The continuous acquisition of impedance data for each well enables the generation of real-time killing curves for multiple conditions simultaneously.


Example: Liquid Tumor Killing Assay (anti-CD40)

Biosensor microtiter plates (E-plates) were pre-coated with an anti-CD40 reagent, enabling targets to be immobilized on the plate bottom (Figure 1A). Whereas immobilized target cells generate a robust impedance signal and proliferate to the point of confluence (resulting in a plateaued impedance signal), the growth of untethered target cells is essentially undetectable (Figure 1B).

Addition of effectors to the immobilized targets results in target cell death in a dose dependent manner (Figure 1C).


Immune Effector Cells and Liquid Cancer Target Cells That Have Successfully Been Utilized to Date


Liquid Tumor Tethering Specificity Effector Cells Target Cells
anti-CD40 NK-92, TALL-104, CAR-T, primary CD8+ T cells Daudi, Raji, Ramos, primary B cells
anti-CD29 NK-92 K562
anti-CD19 NK-92, primary CD8+ T cells Raji, primary B cells
anti-CD9 NK-92 NALM6, RS4;11, RPMI 8226
anti-CD71 NK-92 K562


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