Taking Cell Imaging a step further.

Meet digital high content imaging at its finest. 


It's what you expect. Plus a lot more. 

  • Vibrant, publication-quality fluorescence images
  • Live cell monitoring
  • Z-stack imaging
  • Comprehensive data analysis tools
  • cell counting


Versatile and customizable for your cell imaging needs.

  • Advanced precision optics
  • highly sensitive CMOS sensor
  • LED light sources
  • hard-coated fluorescence filters
  • image analysis software



Equip your lab with an enabling system.

  • multicolor fluorescence imaging
  • brightfield imaging
  • phase contrast imaging
  • time-lapse imaging
  • z-stack imaging (focus-stacking)




Capture, analyze, and process images onboard.

  • Multicolor fluorescence and brightfield imaging
  • Onboard data analysis
  • Live cell monitoring
  • Z-stack imaging
  • Automated cell count and viability analysis




Jason Lee, CEO AmtixBio Inc


“The best thing about the CELENA S is the image quality. We can use it for quick screening or for data collection and in both cases get sharp, detailed images. The multipurpose nature of the CELENA S software makes it a great addition to our lab. Our researchers learned to get high quality images in a few minutes, which is great compared to the hours of training and practice it takes to learn on a traditional setup.”



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For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.




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