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Continuous, marker-free Cell Analysis: the xCELLigence Systems

Exceed limitations from Endpoint-Assays
Non-invasive, label-free, full kinetic information real-time cell analysis: ACEA RTCA systems analyze your cells on-line while adhered in culture. The analyzers are easy to operate and do not require any label, marker, reporter or dye. Measuring the impedance with utmost precision provides a wealth of information on all processes going on inside the cells. Readings are taken in programmable intervals from 30 sec minimum onwards and thus provide information an end-point assay can never provide.

Key Applications

  • Adhesion and Proliferation assays
  • Receptor-Interaction assays
  • Immuno-Oncology: Screening tumor cell killing
  • Cytotoxicity assay (compound-, virus-, cell- and antibody induced)
  • Cardio toxicity and Arrhythmia assays (xCELLigence Cardio only)
  • Cell-to-cell interaction assays (direct contact or by means of the E-Plate Co-culture inserts)
  • Continuous quality control of media, media components and cells
  • Cell migration assays (Migration and invasion assays, only system xCELLigence DP) replace e.g. Boyden chamber or comparable assays

Key Features

  • Marker-free, no reporter substances, no overexpression: No external interference, real physiological conditions
  • Dynamic real-time monitoring: Provides complete kinetic information to validate/optimize end-point assays
  • Non-invasive technology: Run long-term experiments up to several 100 hours under exact physiological conditions

Can do much more than an Endpoint-Assay

Exceed a conventional endpoint assay significantly by continuous monitoring of cell interactions and understand cellular responses much better: Application Example: → "Virus-mediated Cytopathogenicity"


Video: Monitoring of the invasion behavior of cancer cells in real-time 

Metastatic spread of malignant tumors by invasion of the endothelium and finally into the blood circulation can be shown in vitro e.g. by the invasion of HUVEC cell monolayers. The RTCA impedance measurement with xCELLigence allows online monitoring of this process - without any influence by dye additions or the like.

A short 9-minute video summarizes the establishment and implementation of such assays: xCELLigence RTCA technology outperforms the classical Boyden Chamber Matrigel assays twice:

      • The procedure is close to the in vivo conditions 
      • The data is available in real time before and can be easily quantified

Video: A Real-time Electrical Impedance Based Technique to Measure Invasion of Endothelial Cell Monolayer by Cancer Cells; JOVE - Journal of Visualized Experiments doi: 10.3791/2792



Watch three short video clips and learn about the workflow of a cytotoxicity assay and a cell migration assay with xCELLigence systems in the laboratory. Based on the iCELLigence system, we also present a cell adhesion assay: Learn how to do cell adhesion assays with the handy, iPad-controlled iCELLigence real time cell analyzer.


Application areas xCELLigence: Find out more.

IMMUNO-ONCOLOGY - xCELLigence monitors killing activity online.

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CELL MIGRATION & INVASION - comprehensive kinetics for Chemotaxis-Assays.

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Virus / Vaccine Infectious Titers in Real-Time - A New Tool for Your Virology Research and Vaccine Development

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Liquid Cancer Immunotherapies Kits - Monitor the Efficiacy of Liquid Cancer Immunotherapies Inside Your Incubator.

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AccuWound 96


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xCELLigence RTCA eSight Instrument Bundle

Echtzeit ZellAssay System für 16 well E-Plates. Adhäsion, Proliferation, Zytotox, Rezeptoraktivität, Barrier Function.

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xCELLigence RTCA eSight Instrument E-Plate...

Echtzeit ZellAssay System für 16 well E-Plates. Adhäsion, Proliferation, Zytotox, Rezeptoraktivität, Barrier Function.

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xCELLigence S16

Echtzeit ZellAssay System für 16 well E-Plates. Adhäsion, Proliferation, Zytotox, Rezeptoraktivität, Barrier Function.

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xCELLigence DP

Dual Purpose System - zus. auch Migrations/Invasions-Assays (CIM); Drei Plätze für E- oder CIM-Platess können individuell verwendet und kombiniert werden.

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xCELLigence SP

Single Plate System - mit geringem Raumbedarf im Inkubator für die Echtzeit-Zellanalytik mit 96 well E-Plates.

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xCELLigence MP

Multi-Plate System - für 6 x 96 well E-Plates. Plattenplätze können individuell konfiguriert und für Experimente eingesetzt werden.

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xCELLigence HT

High Throughput 384 well System, für die Integration in Roboterplattformen. Auf 4 x 384 well erweiterbar.

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HT Workstation

Modul für eine E-Plate 384 zur Erweiterung des xCELLigence HT Systems. Incl. Temperierung.

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Das Referenzsystem für Kardio-Toxizitäts- und Arrhythmie-Assays. Echtzeit-Monitoring der Schlagaktivität von Kardiomyozyten.

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xCELLigence CardioECR

Das Referenzsystem für Kardio-Toxizitäts-, Arrhythmie-und Ionenkanal Feldpotential Assays. Echtzeit-Monitoring der Schlagaktivität von Kardiomyozyten.

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