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Reason #1 A Flow Cytometer that grows with your needs.

Designed for utmost flexibility: configure the parameters you need for your existing experiment, expand later for the experiments to come. NovoCyte provides easily exchangeable filters, mirrors and laser-upgrades. 


Reason #2 Easy as can be. NovoCyte works at the press of a button. 

No frustration with start-up or shut-down procedures. Automatic cleaning & decontamination is a matter of course. You’ll even be automatically warned in time when system fluids reach a critical level. The first Flow Cytometer to take care of itself - allowing you to concentrate on your experiment.

Reason #3 Fully loaded. Powerful software included.

NovoCyte comes with perfectly adapted, powerful and intiuitive software. Dedicated Plug&Play software with automatic routines, thoughtful functionalities for methods management, analysis and reporting make every run a breeze. You want to convince yourself? Download a free try-out version from ols-bio.de/novocyte

Reason #4 Autosampler option. Ready when you need it. Just "click" it in.

More samples? The modular autosampler will easily handle samples from 6 ml sample tubes (24 tubes) and from 24/48/96 well plates. With built-in self-alignment installation, automatic sample agitation and mixing, you can take "autosampler" literally. 

Reason #5 Fully certified. CE-IVD, GML, GLP, 21 CFR Part 11 

Templates, reportings, statistics and quality control. NovoCyte makes your everyday life in a regulated environment much simpler. We’ve collected the main features in this document – pretty sure you’d like to learn more after reading: IVD-21CFRp11.pdf

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Rigorously tested The experts speaking. 

Derek Davies, Crick Research Institute "NovoCyte is ideal in the Core Lab with users of different level of flow experience". 


Ryan Duggan, University of Chicago "NovoCyte convinces with it's unique usability and its ‘cold-start to dots-on-the-plot’ capability, including the ability to analyze acquiring data at the same time". 


Andy Filby, Newcastle University "NovoCyte’s walkaway automation, built in time-saving and easy to use capabilities overcome the challenges of a flow core facility".  

Alan Saluk, Scripps Research Institute "ACEA's NovoCyte impressed everyone who's got their hands on it".  


NovoCyte was evaluated at the Flow Cytometry Core Unit, Technical University Munich

Das NovoCyte in der Flow Cytometry Core UNit der TU München

Immanuel Andrä, MSc, Technische Universität München, Institute for Medical Microbiology, Immunology and Hygiene,
→ Flow Cytometry Core Unit – AG Schiemann

A first look at the new ACEA NovoCyte Analyzer

"We had the opportunity to briefly test the ACEA NovoCyte Model 3000 without the NovoSampler in our lab. The instrument is a bench top flow cytometry analyzer (fluidic reservoirs are not integrated in the instrument case - fluidics station outside). Three laser (405nm, 488nm and 640nm) and 13 fluorescence parameters (6/5/2) with a photomultiplier tube setup were used. Together with two photodiodes to detect the FSC and SSC signals, 15 parameters in total are detectable in a fully configured analyzer. The NovoCyte flow cytometer allows the user to change or re-configure the optical filters according to their needs. Users can also manually set a desired flow rate within a range of 5 to 120 µl/min.

Even for flow cytometry beginners, the NovoCyte is very simple and intuitive to operate. Different bead and cell materials were analyzed on the instrument with good results. Generated results were comparable with other tested analyzers, due to state of the art technologies in the NovoCyte. Our special attention was caught by the new software NovoExpress – workflow. This software is straightforward, and the software interface is easy to handle. The implemented auto compensation and hierarchic tree structure is a highlight for effective organization of experimental data. NovoCyte quality control and Levey-Jennings plots monitor the stability or any continuous trend of the instrument performance over a period of time. With a dynamic range data management (24 bit) and 7.2 decades logarithmic scale, there is no need for PMT voltage adjustment, which makes working pretty simple.

Up to now, we haven’t faced any real hardware or software related problem. Thanks to the R&D team and all people that were involved in the development of this analyzer, it was a pleasure already during the first weeks after installation to run the NovoCyte. Due to the differences in the fluidic and optical systems, the instrument has advantages for certain applications or experimental setups."

Just one more thing.

NovoCyte is affordable. Besides fitting in your lab, it fits your budget. Contact us now and find out more.  


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NovoCyte Flow Cytometry. New from scratch. Better by design.


NovoCyte Flow Cytometer




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