Screening Therapeutic Combinations in a multi-CAR VST Approach

In a recently published article, Dr. John Connolly, CSO from Tessa Therapeutics explains how the company refines its antigen combinations in a multiplex antigen approach for solid tumor immunotherapy.

Connolly explains how the xCELLigence Real-Time Cell Analysis system enables his team to simultaneously decipher the killing effect of multiple antigens:

“This technology enables the analysis of around 100 different experimental modifications to our cells, using multiple therapeutic combinations. We can do all of this with very few cells, in a label-free manner. What’s also particularly pertinent to our research is the ability to collect and analyze the supernatant afterwards. We want to understand how our VSTs mediate downstream immune events, and this allows us to do that.”




Read the article here:

Next-Generation Immunotherapy: Combining Virus-Specific T Cells with Other Immuno-Oncology Technologies to Treat Solid Tumors


Watch a Video: 

Virus-specific T cells as a platform for solid tumor immunotherapy


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