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OLS OMNI Life Science GmbH, Switzerland, announces distribution of IDEA Bio-Medical’s WiScan® Hermes high content imaging and analysis system in Switzerland.


How Tessa Therapeutics screens hundreds of experimental modifications for solid tumor immunotherapy


Recording available: How the Curiox Laminar Wash HT1000 System improves the workflow at the flow cytometry core facility Linköping University, Sweden


Join us for a webinar presented by ACEA Biosciences, October 8, 17:00


HepaRG Spheroids as a Model for HBV Infections

CERO 3D cultivation of HepaRG cells might serve as a new model for HBV research.


Download our iPSC package and optimize workflows for iPSC expansion and quality control


Enjoy our Summer Discount on all xCELLigence E-plates


Secure your Travel Award and attend a scientific conference!



Drop by at our Booth 020/D39!


Monitoring a Successful Dissociation of Spheroids

CASY analyzed the optimal conditions for dissociation, depending on age, size and
cellular composition of the spheroids.


Join us for a free Lunch seminar: Latest trends in cell-based research. Learn about new 3D cell culture, meet a new 4 laser flow cytometer, enhance multicolor flow experiments, see impressive digital imaging, cature serial killers and more!


New tools to quantify tumor cell killing enhanced by bispecific T-cell engagers to mimic activity in vivo more closely

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