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Webinar OCT 22, 17:00: How the Curiox Laminar Wash HT1000 System improves the workflow at the flow cytometry core facility Linköping University, Sweden


Join us for a webinar presented by ACEA Biosciences, October 8, 17:00


HepaRG Spheroids as a Model for HBV Infections

CERO 3D cultivation of HepaRG cells might serve as a new model for HBV research.


Download our iPSC package and optimize workflows for iPSC expansion and quality control


Enjoy our Summer Discount on all xCELLigence E-plates


Secure your Travel Award and attend a scientific conference!



Drop by at our Booth 020/D39!


Monitoring a Successful Dissociation of Spheroids

CASY analyzed the optimal conditions for dissociation, depending on age, size and
cellular composition of the spheroids.


Join us for a free Lunch seminar: Latest trends in cell-based research. Learn about new 3D cell culture, meet a new 4 laser flow cytometer, enhance multicolor flow experiments, see impressive digital imaging, cature serial killers and more!


New tools to quantify tumor cell killing enhanced by bispecific T-cell engagers to mimic activity in vivo more closely


CASY was used in a study for fast and simple evaluation of cell number, cell viability and cell size of dissociated cells from spleens and granulomas.


ACEA xCELLigence instrumentation was recently handed over to Theresa Krabbe, Technical University Munich by Silke Schwengberg from ACEA Biosciences.

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