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The publication of over 1250 peer-reviewed scientific papers citing the xCELLigence technology is a testament to the integration of the xCELLigence system as part of routine cell analysis and drug discovery workflow.


NovoCyte Flow Cytometer Live Demo at Analytica - get Your free Ticket!


Your New Flow Product Specialist at OLS

A dedicated product specialist for Flow Cytometry, Dr. Peter Engel recently joined OLS. His motto: "Work in the State of Flow". - With the NovoCyte, the first Flow that also allows users to remain in a state of heightened focus...


NovoCyte is reviewed by UCFLOW Ryan Duggan.


Three new Flow Cytometry Application Notes are available for free download.


New Video: NovoCyte - How to...

Discover the intuitive features of using the NovoCyte Flow Cytometer and its NovoExpress Software.


New Video: NovoCyte, what experts are saying

The ACEA NovoCyte flow cytometer advantage as described and validated by key opinion leaders in the flow cytometry community including Derek Davies, Alan Saluk, Andy Filby, and Ryan Duggan.