DA-Cell™ HT1000 washing station

DA-Cell™ HT1000 washing station


12 or 24 months warranty

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DA-Cell™ HT1000 washing station

DA-Cell™ HT1000 washing station, 12 months

Cell processing technology enabling superior staining and retention of suspension cells using centrifuge-less washing.
The DA-Cell includes:

  • DA-Cell HT1000 washing machine
  • Pack of 5 DA-Cell Plates
  • Big Bear Plate Vortexer

Including 12 months instrument warranty.


The DA-Cell technology provides an advantage to scientists in retaining higher cell numbers without jeopardizing data integrity.
With the laminar flow wash technique of the DA-Cell system, cells undergo a gentle wash without added stress, allowing a higher retention of cells for acquisition and cell sorting. In addition, cell surface markers are not modified and unbound antibodies and Debris are washed off efficiently, producing cleaner and better segregated data. For high throughput flow cytometry labs, they will be able to achieve consistency by reducing variation from manual handling.

The DA-Cell has been successfully demonstrated on various applications including immunophenotyping and CyTOF.

Some of samples types tested to show improved cell retention and data:
• PBMCs • Cell Lines • Circulating Tumor Cells • Antigen presenting cells (CD40) such as B-cells (CD34, CD45) and DC • Nucleated red blood cells from maternal blood / cord blood • Isolated Nucleii
• Primary Mouse Tumor Cells • Colorectal Tumor Cells
• Mouse Primary Splenocytes
• Thymic Epithelial cells from Mouse • Mouse Brain Cells

DA-Cell lets you achieve:

  • Better Separation of different cell populations in Flow cytometric analysis
  • Increased cell retention compared to conventional methods ? Consistency by reducing variation from manual handling
  • Time savings by completing cell washing in 3 minutes
  • Reduced cell stress due to no centrifugation
  • Easy integration into your lab automation





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