96-Well DA-Cell Plate, 5pcs

96-Well DA-Cell Plate, 5pcs

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96-Well DA-Cell Plate, 5pcs

DA-Cell 96 well plate for DA-Cell™ HT1000 washing station

DA (DropArray)-Cell 96 well microplate has a unique patent-protected wall-less design. The absence or minimal presence of a wall allows for laminar flow during the addition and aspiration of a liquid with the DA-Cell HT1000 washing station.

The Da-Cell microplates are completely flat including a series of 96 hydrophilic spots. Liquid dispensed onto these spots form droplets that remain in a fixed position from the surface tension created from the hydrophobic surroundings, even when the plate is shaken or inverted.

5 plates per sales unit. For single use only.


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Curiox is a bioinstrumentation company spun out of the Agency for Science, Technology, and Research (A*STAR) in Singapore. Curiox has become a leader in the development and commercialization of innovative assay platforms based on its expertise in surface chemistry and engineering. Curiox’s vision is to accelerate the progress of life sciences, drug discovery and diagnostics through the miniaturization and improved automation of bioassays.

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