CELENA™ S Digital Imaging System

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CELENA™ S Digital Imaging System

The All-In-One System for Exceptional Imaging Quality

The CELENA® S Digital Imaging System makes capturing high resolution, publication-quality images a breeze. Don’t let its size fool you, the CELENA® S is equipped with advanced precision optics, a highly sensitive CMOS sensor, digitally controlled LED light sources with hard-coated fluorescence filters, and a computer with image analysis software. The sophisticated yet simple software supports multicolor fluorescence imaging, brightfield imaging, phase contrast imaging, live cell time lapse imaging, and Z-stack imaging.

Vibrant, Publication-Quality Images

Advanced precision optics and a highly sensitive camera allow you to capture high resolution, multi-channel fluorescence images.


Live Cell Time Lapse Imaging

Live cells can be imaged in time lapse mode in a precisely controlled environment. The images can be used to create a video with annotations.

Onboard Data Analysis

Choose from a variety of tools to analyze and annotate your images. Measurement data can be saved onboard or to a USB drive.

Z-Stack Imaging

Capture images of multiple focal planes in Z-stack mode. Images can be focus stacked to produce one image or combined into a video.

Cell Counting

Check cell concentration and viability in cell counter mode. The CELENA® S automatically adjusts light and focus for optimal results.

Interchangeable Filter Cubes and Objectives

12+ hard-coated LED fluorescence filters. 
Infinity-corrected objectives with a magnification range of 1.25-100X








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