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CASY Cell Counter & Analyzer


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Manufacturer: OLS OMNI Life Science

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CASY Cell Counter & Analyzer

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Cell Counter + Analyzer for research labs with high sample throughput and/or GLP certification demanding highest degree of reproducibility

Areas of Application

  • Reliable multi-parameter QA on cell cultures at lowest cost
  • Simultaneous determination of cell count, size distribution, cell volume, aggregation and cell debris in less than 10 seconds, no dyes used
  • Need for highest accuracy and reproducibility, which dye-based methods cannot achieve


Three different capillary sizes enable a measuring range reaching from 0.7 µm up to 120 µm:

Capillary Ø [µm]Size range [µm]Application areas
45 0,7 - 30

Debris, Bacteria, Spores

60 1,2 - 40

Yeast, Algae, Erythrocytes, Pollen, Plankton, Parasites, Sperms

150 3,2 - 120

Cell lines, Primary mammalian cells, white blood cells, stem cells, fish cells, large algae and protozoa, plant cells and protoplasts


CASY: Budget-friendly Benefits to Your Cell Analysis

  • Dye-free, non-invasive determination of the cell activity via ECE® (electric current exclusion method): produces correct data on viability and vitality even for very sensitive cells and partly damaged cells
  • Aggregation factor calculation based on particle volume: Correct cell count even if large cell clusters are present
  • No single use consumables like counting slides or counting capillaries: very low cost per single count experiment

Designed for the Demanding Quality Control

CASY was developed primarily for use in cell culture research in universities and in pharmaceutical and biotech research companies and comes as a stand-alone unit. As such the space requirements are very small and it fits into even the smallest lab. CASY offers the following key features:

  • Very easy to operate via Tablet-PC or Notebook-PC
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 39 cm x 31 cm x 39 cm, excl. Tablet or Notebook

CASY - Technical Overview

Measuring Technique 
measuring principle capillary particle counter with pulse area analysis
Parameters determined Cell size distribution, cell count, cell concentration, cell viability, cell aggregation, cell debris, cell volume (peak), average cell diameter
Determination of size dsitribution Digital pulse count/area analysis, 1 Million data points per second, equals several 100 data points per cell
Viability measurement

Electrical Current Exclusion (ECE®)
Dye-free, non-invasive determination of the membrane permeability

Aggregation factor determination Based on the volume of the single free cell, resolves clusters from 2 up to several hundred cells
Concentration determination Counting volume controlled opto-electronically, maintenance free, calibrated for life time


Performance Data 

Typical Std. Deviation = +/- square root (number of counted particles) e.g.: 10 000 cells = +/- 2%

Sensitivity >= 100 Particles/ml
Measuring Range

0,7 - 120µm (with all 3 capillaries)

Dynamic Ranges

1 : 70 000 in volume corresponding to 1 : 40 in diameter

Resolution of 
size distribution

512 000 channels, linearized by volume

Resolution of 
size distribution display

1024 channels, linearized by diameter
Typical measuring times

150µm capillary: 10 sec., 60µm capillary: 25 sec, 45µm capillary: 45sec

Typical sample volume required 5 - 100µl
Storage capacity of cell specific setups unlimited
Cleanroom Qualification No fan, certified for cleanroom class A


Quality Assurance 

Checks all relevant parameters upon power-on (POST) and before every measurement

Sensor control Continuous electronic monitoring of capillary
System Self-Protect Automatic recognition of operating errors, error message display 

Calibration certified ex works, life time calibration, 
guarantees identical results from all CASY systems

QC Standards

optional GLP/GMP compliant, signature required or GLP/GMP compliant and meeting 21 CFR 11 (electronic signature)

Audit Trails  optional – full independent audit trails recorded for: System-, File- and Error events


Running Costs 
Per single measurement approx. 17 Cent/measurement (triple counting)
Service interval 2 years recommended




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