+++ CE-IVD certified, GMO/GLP, 21 CFR Part 11 Support +++

Your personal benchtop flow cytometer: ACEA NovoCyte ™

Available anytime in your lab: Your own FLOW cytometer provides access to the entire spectrum of current and future multi-parameter cell analysis - in your lab, at any time.

Fast, accurate and sensitive: NovoCyte, a new future-proof system for analysis in cell biology,
immunology or microbiology

Developed with the user in focus: The NovoCyte is flexible and surprisingly affordable in price.

  • Fully loaded: Modular expandable up to 3 laser with 13 optical channels (15 parameters including FSC and SSC)
  • Flexible configuration with 1 - 3. lasers, interchangeable band-pass filter and dichroic mirror
  • High dynamic range of 107 - avoids complicated settings of PMT (photomultiplier tubes)
  • Auto-sampler option for standard tubes and plates
  • Automatic decontamination of the fluidic system
  • Intuitive, highly automated "Plug and Play" software with methods management, analysis and reporting
  • Flexible analysis formats, supports FCS3.0 files
  • NEW: Yellow-green Laser (561 nm) Systems available
  • NEW: CE-IVD certified, 21 CFR Part 11 Support

Well-proven Principles, Thoughtful Innovations

Ever since there is flow cytometry, some technological principles have proved very successful.
For example, this includes the hydrodynamic focusing of the sample using sheath fluid or the
spatial arrangement of multiple lasers. In flow cytometry, these technologies are deemed as the
"gold standard" - and also the NovoCyte uses these standards.

  • Fluidics: Hydrodynamic focusing of cells
  • Optics: Coherent OBIS® solid-state laser (solid state laser)
  • Detection: Spatial arrangement of the analysis points avoids the need to modulate the laser

Innovation where it makes Sense

Some details have been optimized - where it was appropriate. For example, the NovoCyte is
equipped with a new FSC Obscuration bar design. In forward scatter (FSC), the "obscuration bar"
blocks scattered light, and thus avoids a rapid saturation of the detector. Thereby, an optimal
detection of small particles is ensured. Moreover, improved resolution of objects (0.5 µm 
FSC) is achieved.

The innovative optical layout of the lasers (patent pending) not only allows easy expandability
up to 3 lasers, it also results in improved sensitivity by optimizing the optics for each laser.
A fixed optical alignment for each laser makes any settings on the optical system unnecessary and
provides excellent long-term stability.

  • innovative obscuration bar design in the FSC
  • individually optimized lens system for each laser 
  • fixed optical alignment, no adjustments required - no laser drift, highly reproducible data
  • customizable: comprehensive applicative support by interchangeable dichroic mirrors and filters
  • high resolution: FSC 0.5 µm, 0.2 µm SSC

Optimized laser optical systems translate directly into the high robustness of the system
and improved fluorescence detection with high sensitivity (FITC <75 MESF, PE <50, resolution CV


Advanced optical design, high quality components, optimum Fluidics and innovative signal
processing translate into the high resolution and excellent sensitivity with a wide dynamic range
- shown here are 8-peak Rainbow beads measured on the NovoCyte.

Improved Signal Processing

NovoCyte offers a unique dynamic range of 107 for signal detection and processing. This
is significantly more than many other instruments can offer and provides a high degree of
standardization by avoiding costly PMT settings - data generation is simple "load-and-go" - even
novice users quickly achieve outstanding results.

  • dynamic range of 1: 107, no PMT settings necessary
  • high-speed sampling: 35,000 events / sec
  • simple compensation, if necessary

Fully Loaded, surprisingly Affordable

A established tradition is broken by the NovoCyte radically: the use of high quality components,
proven technologies and powerful innovations is no longer closely tied to a high price.

The NovoCyte saves your budget - the system has been developed with the aim to provide the full
potential of modern flow cytometry with maximum cost effectiveness. Add the the full potential of
modern flow cytometers to your lab - at a price that makes flow cytometry easily affordable in
your laboratory.

Your personal benchtop Flow Cytometer

NovoCyte's space saving design not only fits perfectly in your laboratory, and saves your budget
its convenient and easy expansion capabilities makes it future-proof for your upcoming demands.

Upgrades are available anytime. Flexible sample handling, intuitive software with simple
"load-and-go" functions as well as user replaceable dichroic mirrors and bandpass
Filters simplify handling and broaden your analytical application spectrum tremendously.

Automatic Functions

When it comes to reliability and the reproducibility, automatic functions make perfectly sense.
NovoCyte is equipped with appropriate functionalities. Automatic cleaning steps and automatic
detection of liquid filling levels ensure for safe, reliable operation.

  • automatic cleaning of the sample needle after each sampling
  • automatic bladder removal and elimination of possible blockages
  • automatic cleaning during switching on and off
  • automatic warning at critical levels of system fluids

Intuitive and comprising NovoExpress software

NovoExpress software is part of NovoCyte systems and has been programmed focussing on intuitive workflows

  • Experiment Manager simplifies the experiment design by schematic view of all samples in the experiment; gives access to all settings of the cytometer, compensation, reporting and data analysis.
  • Simple "drag and drop" to create new settings files
  • Automatic, comprehensive data analysis with flexible templates and Plotting Tools
  • Quick compensation by simply moving the compensation line on the plot with the mouse
  • Data import and export functions: Import of FCS (Flow Cytometry Standard) 3.0 files, export as CSV files or FCS3.0

NovoExpress software - efficient data collection, data analysis and reporting in an intuitive working environment

NovoExpress, the NovoCyte software is available as a trial version for free via download. Try NovoExpress now with no obligation and convince yourself of the performance, intuitive user interface and comprehensive analysis tools!

Start directly with your own data - NovoExpress imports FCS 3.0 data.Contact us to request more information, a brochure, an offer or a system demonstration! Simply use our contact page!



Convincing - for everyone getting his hands on. 

The NovoCyte convinced experts in Core Labs and research institutions. Whether it is the unique and intuitive software, the uncomplicated operation or the "best available autosampler" - the NovoCyte sets new standards in flow cytometry. But read for yourself:

UCflowNovoCyte featured on UCflow - Flow Cytometry news, reviews, and tips

"I always like to say there are only two parts of a cytometer with which an end-user interacts - the software, and the sample loading apparatus. (...) The NovoCyte hits both of these key features pretty well. Their implementation of the autosampler is probably the best I’ve seen to date. It’s smooth, extremely flexible in the types of tubes/plates it accepts, it’s fast enough, and frankly, it just looks cool." Read more.

TU München

NovoCyte at the Flow Cytometry Core Unit, TU Munich, Immanual Andrä, AG Schiemann

"Our special attention was caught by the new software NovoExpress – workflow. This software is straightforward, and the software interface is easy to handle. The implemented auto compensation and hierarchic tree structure is a highlight for effective organization of experimental data." Read more.


NovoCyte at Flow Cytometry Core Lab, Francis Crick Institute, Derek Davies

"NovoCyte is ideal in the Core Lab with users of different level of flow experience". Watch Video.


DugganNovoCyte im Flow Cytometry Core Lab, University of Chicago, Ryan Duggan

"NovoCyte convinces with it's unique usability and its ‘cold-start to dots-on-the-plot’ capability, including the ability to analyze acquiring data at the same time". Watch Video.


FilbyNovoCyte at Flow Cytometry Core Lab, Newcastle University, Andy Filby

"NovoCyte’s walkaway automation, built in time-saving and easy to use capabilities overcome the challenges of a flow core facility". Watch Video.


SalukNovoCyte at Flow Cytometry Core Lab, Scripps Research Institute, Alan Saluk

ACEA's NovoCyte impressed everyone who's got their hands on it". Watch Video.





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Fluorochrome Spectra Viewer

Spectra Viewer is a tool for interactively viewing and finding fluorochromes and their compensation trade-offs based on flow cytometer laser and filter settings to customize a multicolor flow experiment.

Follow the link to view NovoCyte specific fluorochrome signal and spillover across each channel.: SPECTRA-VIEWER


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Alway up to your requirements. NovoCyte with reagents from BIOZOL.





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