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CASY Cell Counter & Analyzer

CASY - Cell Counter and Analyzer System

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CASYblue, highly cytotoxic reagent to artificially increase the number of dead cells for accurate adjustment of the left cursor evaluation. 1 pack = 4x 30 mL. CASYblue, hochgradig zelltoxisches Reagenz zur künstlichen Erhöhung der Anzahl toter Zellen, für die genaue...

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CASYclean 1 x 500 ml

CASYclean, Capillary and system cleaning agent for all CASY® models. To be used for acute contamination and routine cleaning. CASYclean, Reingungsmittel für alle CASY®-Modelle, 1 x 500 ml, unverdünnt zu verwenden!

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Measuring vessels for all CASY® models. 1 pack = 1800 cups CASYcups, 1 VE = 1800 Cups zum Einmal-Gebrauch

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CASYrack, Holder for 24 CASYcups. CASYrack, Halterung zur Aufnahme von 24 CasyCups

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CASYton, isotonic measurement buffer for cell counting with all CASY® models. 1x 10L. CASYton, isotonischer Messpuffer zur Zellzählung mit allen CASY®-Modellen, 1x 10L

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Kein Bild vorhanden CEROTubes

CEROTubes,for CERO 3D Cell Culture. Cell culture tubes designed to gently suspend cell culture, spheroids, organoids to ensure cells have access to media and are kept in an elevated state.

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Kein Bild vorhanden Convection Channel

Convection channel, zum Einmalgebrauch, 1 Stück. The replaceable convection channel is designed to maintain a homogenous environment within the CERO cell culture chamber. The convection channel is located on the left side of the instrument and contains an integrated...

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Kein Bild vorhanden Hepa-Filter

HEPA-Filter, 20 Einmalfilter für die Sensoreinheit

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Kein Bild vorhanden pH-Meter unit

pH-Meter, optisches pH-Meter für den CERO. Phenol red is a pH indicator present in most cell culture media. Its color exhibits a gradual transition from red to yellow over the pH range 8.4 to 6.6. The pH-Reader monitors the quality of the cell culture medium by...

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Kein Bild vorhanden Tube Holder

4 Stück Adapter für die CEROTube Zellkulturröhrchen

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