Anaerobic Jar System

Easiness – Quality – Consistency

Your lab reports results every day that clinicians rely on to diagnose and treat patients. You need reliable growth fast. Anoxomat’s consistent jar environment is a method you can trust every time to culture patient samples. It fits into your workflow and eliminates the extra steps anaerobic chambers and gas-generating sachets require.

Better growth in less time.

Rapid turnaround time of growth from anaerobic and other pathogens can lead to earlier, effective anti-microbial treatment for patients.


  • Easy—One button press to start, automatic quality check.
  • Fast—Sensitive bacteria, such as Porph. asacharolytica, saw growth at 48 hours as opposed to 72 hours with gas-generating sachets.
  • Convenient—Fits on the bench. Reduces processing steps.
  • Minutes to create anaerobic environments; minimal wait time.
  • More growth in 24 hours than with gas-generating sachets.
  • Faster bacterial growth so you can expedite findings to clinicians faster.
  • Save money every day on operational costs.
  • Automatic quality control system: checks the environment so you don’t waste time incubating jars in an unstable environment.
  • Streamlines workflow: set up jars and return to bench to continue work.
  • Low maintenance: less down time and no disruption to workflow.
  • Process more samples in-house: smaller labs save money.
  • Process up to 4 jars at a time: get more done in less time.

Easy-to-use, fast, and flexible

  • Touchscreen: Color-coded, easy-to-use, and intuitive
  • Flexible: Multiple gas and jar connections for multi-sample processing
  • Programmable: Develop custom recipe environments
  • Fast: Creates environments in a few minutes
  • Wide-selection of jars: Different sizes, standard, and ergonomic, stackable
  • Automatic Quality Control: Runs before recipe, checks leaks, catalyst activity
  • Process reports: View

Manage and transfer data efficiently

  • Secure LIS link: Integrates with Laboratory Information System (LIS) using software (optional)
  • Data Interface (optional): View data on a web browser, export to.csv or Microsoft® Excel
  • 2D barcode scanner: Scan patient information; eliminate transcription errors
  • Printer (optional): Print and archive jar samples and patient information
  • Audit trail: Easily track and trace samples for quality control

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