Cell Counter & Analyzer

Multi-parameter - Accurate - Reproducible


  • Simple – No staining or sample preparation
  • Fast – Results in as less as 10 secs
  • Unique – volume based detection and aggregation correction
  • Reliable – highest reproducibility even in critical applications (PBMC, Cell- & Immunotherapy, stem cell research, biomanufacturing, …)
  • Modular – configure your CASY just the way you need it
  • Cell QC – viability, cell size distribution (0,7-120um)

Globally, thousands of users, industrial and academic, trust CASY, the legend in cell counting. Whether working with mammalian cells, yeast, bacteria or one of many other cell types, CASY users rely on the unmatched precision, reproducibility and accuracy of the instrument combined with easy and intuitive use.

How it works

The CASY technology uses the current exclusion method: particles and cells passing through a defined size pore generate a resistance signal varying with their size and conductivity. Live cells with a polarized membrane generate a high resistance signal, whereas dying or dead cells display a much lower resistance due to their depolarized or fully disrupted cell membrane. The signal of one cell passing the pore is resolved with a high frequency of 1 MHz, and hence the area under the curve = the Integral can easily be calculated, the integral being the only parameter directly proportional to the cell size. As the integral is seriously different with live cells, dead cells and debris, the particle sizes and their distribution can be recorded and analyzed very precisely. One additional benefit is the large dynamic measuring range (e.g. 150µ capillary: 3.2 – 120 µm = from debris via dead/live cells to cell aggregates of several 100 cells size), which cannot be reached by any other method of cell size analysis. By limiting the number of count events, CASY works without any mathematical approximations to deal with multiple particles passing the capillary simultaneously, every cell or particle is analyzed as a single count event.

We have been using CASY for the fast and reliable determination of cell concentrations and cell diameters of our cell cultures for 20 years now. We are still impressed by the high reproducibility of the measurements and the simple, intuitive operation of the device. The associated software offers great options for managing and displaying the measurement results graphically.

Dr. Heike Schwarz, Leitung Abteilung Zellbiologie, DIARECT AG

CASY - More than a Counter!

Feature Benefit
The sensor is directly immersed into the sample solution Grants no errors, no losses of cell Material by sedimentation , correct analysis of cell aggregates
Dye-free, non-invasive measurement of cell number and viability Accurate results for viability of sensitive and even partially damaged cell suspensions, free nuclei are determined as dead cells
Large dynamic measuring range Every single analysis covers the full range from Debris, to dead and live cells and includes large aggregates of living cells
High resolution size distribution dis-played as histogram with over 400 size channels All results at one single glance
Aggregation factor calculated from particle volume Correct results also from highly aggregative cell types
No single-use counting chambers or dedicated slides necessary Lowest possible cost/analysis ratio
Rapid Measurement – from only 10 sec to 1 min per measurement Immediate results, no risk of measurement artefacts from sedimentation while waiting in an autosampler

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Name Article Number Description Quote
CASYton 5651808 Isotonic measurement buffer for all CASY models. Politainer for easy filling of consumption quantities, 1x 10 L, Quote
CASYcups 5651794 Measuring vessels for all CASY models. For dilution of the samples to be measured with CASYton and performing the cell count. 1 pack = 1800 cups, Quote
CASYclean 5651787 Capillary and system cleaning agent for all CASY models. To be used for acute decontamination and routine cleaning. 1 x 500 mL Quote
CASYblue 5651760 Solution for controlled killing of cell culture cells for accurate adjustment of the left cursor evaluation, 4 x 30 mL Quote
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