Digital Imaging Systems

Versatile – Customizable – Automated


  • No need of eye-pieces and dark-room anymore
  • Powerful yet simple, with ease-of-use data analysis tools, interchangeable objectives and exchangeable LED Filter cubes
  • Perform fluoresence, Z-stack and time-lapse imaging, image stitching
  • Controlled environment for live cell imaging due to on-stage incubator system
  • Supports wide variety of vessels e.g: Multi-well plates, slides, tissue-culture dishes

CELENA® S  Digital Imaging Sytem

An All-in-One System for multicolor fluorescence imaging, with a sophosticated  software for image analysis.

CELENA® X High Content Imaging Sytem

High content imaging system for automated vessel handling and scanning. Equipped with motorized XYZ stage, filter cube stage, and objective turret. Laser based autofocus for Rapid and reproducible focusing. Create customized workflow for image and data analysis with the integrated software, CELENA X Cell Analyzer.

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