Digital Imaging Systems

Versatile – Customizable – Multicolor


  • No need of eye-pieces and dark-room anymore
  • Powerful yet simple, with easy to use data analysis tools, interchangeable objectives and exchangeable LED Filter cubes
  • Perform fluoresence, z-stack and time-lapse imaging and image stitching
  • Controlled environment for live cell imaging with an to on-stage incubator system
  • Supports wide variety of vessels e.g: Multi-well plates, slides, tissue-culture dishes

CELENA® S  Digital Imaging Sytem

An All-in-One System for multicolor fluorescence imaging, with a sophosticated software for image analysis.

CELENA® X High Content Imaging Sytem

High content imaging system for automated vessel handling and scanning. Equipped with motorized XYZ stage, filter cube stage, and objective turret. Laser based autofocus for rapid and reproducible focusing. Create customized workflow for image and data analysis with the integrated software, CELENA X Cell Analyzer.

Upcoming CELENA events ...

08th Apr

Make Imaging fun with CELENA X High Content Imaging System

Webinar | Online | 10 am

Say Good-Bye to Eye-Pieces and Dark-Rooms. This webinar gives you a comprehensive understanding of the Know-Hows of our automated and digital microscopic techniques from live cell imaging to high content screening.

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15th Apr

Light-Sheet Microscopy Workshop

Workshop | BioSysM & Biocenter, LMU Munich | 9 am

POSTPONED! At the Light Sheet Microscope Workshop, OLS is organizing Hands – on session for CERO – 3D Bioreactor and X-CLARITY – Tissue Clearing Systems. OLS will give short talks and present the technologies to the attendees. Additionally, OLS will provide samples (Spheroids) and Cleared tissues for Light Sheet Microscopy sessions.

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