Digital Imaging System CELENA® S
The all-in-one future of digital microscope

Easy Image Acquisition – Live-Cell Imaging – Onboard Data Analysis

Key Features of Digital Imaging System CELENA® S

  • Powerful All-in-One digital microscope
  • High quality multicolor and Z-stack imaging
  • 3 Imaging Modes: Fluorescence channels, Bright-field and Phase-Contrast
  • Perform Live-Cell imaging under controlled environmental conditions
  • Onboard data analysis with easy yet sophisticated software for:
    • image acquisition
    • image analysis and
    • automated cell counting

Why should you choose the digital imaging system CELENA® S?

Unlike the conventional fluorescence microscope, the users don’t need any dark rooms, huge spaces or, even eye-pieces to acquire images anymore. The digital imaging system CELENA® S completely replaces this complex set-up, thereby making the experience of imaging fun for the users.

Several features of the digital imaging system CELENA® S add to this fun experience. For example, the exchangeable hard-coated LED filter cubes which can detect even the faintest fluorescence signals of your samples. High-quality objectives ranging from 1.25x to 100x to image your cellular structures.

The digital imaging system CELENA® S easily accommodates several vessel holders e.g: multi-well plates, slides, tissue-culture dishes.

Capture the perfect multicolor images!

Acquiring Z-Stacks with the digital imaging system CELENA® S

With the digital imaging system CELENA® S, capturing multicolor Z-stacks is simple. Obtain high image stability for Z-stacks with 50nm resolution and 100µm/s stage speed

Onstage incubator system for time-lapse imaging

The CELENA® S onstage incubation system can be set up for a variety of live-cell imaging experiments in physiological and non-physiological conditions. The Onstage incubation system is composed of an environmental chamber, temperature controller and, a gas mixer supporting various live-cell imaging applications. Now control the temperature, humidity, and, gas content with precision. CELENA® S supports on stage incubation systems from IBIDI and TOKAIHIT.

With the digital imaging system CELENA® S, it is simple to set up a time-lapse imaging sequence for lengthy cell-based assays. Not only this, but also export images or create time-lapse videos complete with annotations.

Onboard data analysis

CELENA® S Software

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The straightforward CELENA® S simple software makes the acquisition of high-quality multicolor fluorescence, brightfield and Z-stack images in a blink. The CELENA® S software also provides the users the features to create time-lapse videos. Evaluate a wide range of assays such as cell growth monitoring, cytotoxic studies and many more.

Not only acquisition, the users can analyze onboard the images with the CELENA® S software.
With the help of the annotation and measurement tools, the users can measure different parameters such as distance between two adjacent cells.

Onboard imaging and annotating

Learn how to perform image analysis and annotation

Evaluating wound healing assay on CELENA® S

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