xCELLigence eSight

RTCA & Live Cell Imaging

Two modes – One experiment – Easy workflow


  • Perform Impedance (RTCA) and Live Cell Imaging simultaneously
  • Equipped with 3 fluorescence channels (red, green, blue) + brightfield
  • Availability of 5 cradles (3 for impedance + imaging; 2 for imaging only)
  • 5x 96 well plates can be analysed concurrently
  • Quick read out – measures impedance – 96 well-plate in 15 seconds images a 96 well-plate in 6 minutes
  • Intuitive data analysis RTCA software

Experience the power of Impedance and Live Cell Imaging at once.
Now analyze cell assays with the powerful combination of the xCELLigence Biosensors and Live Cell Imaging.

dedicated to cell-based research
OLS OMNI Life Science
Karl-Ferdinand-Braun-Straße 2
28359 Bremen, Germany
certified by ISO:9001
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