High Content Imaging System CELENA X

Automated high content image acquisition and analysis

Automated – Multicolor – Flexible Software


  • Automated vessel handling, scanning and imaging
  • Versatile imaging modes 4 florescence channels, bright-field and phase contrast
  • Perform Z-Stack and live-cell Imaging
  • Image-based and Laser-based autofocus modules
  • Powerful and flexible software, CELENA X Cell Analyzer
  • Publication ready image quality
  • Valuable tool for drug discovery and drug development

Reasons to choose CELENA® X High Content Imaging System

The all-new CELENA® X High Content Imaging System is your affordable solution for rapid high content image acquisition and analysis. A customized imaging protocols and motorized XYZ stage simplifies well-plate scanning and imaging. The laser autofocus module provides rapid, reproducible focusing and reduced photobleaching. Uniform illumination with 4 interchangeable LED florescence filter cubes for sensitive florescence detection. The motorized objective turret allows 5 interchangeable objectives, compatible with Zeiss/Olympus objectives. Furthermore, it supports a variety of cell culture vessels such as microscopic slides, multi-well plates, tissue-culture dishes

High Content Imaging System CELENA X

For our eco-toxicological research, we use biological samples such as cells expressing endogenous fluorescent proteins and model organisms like Danio rerio. To answer some of our research questions, we require high content imaging. For this purpose, CELENA® X High Content Imaging System along with its CELENA® X Cell Analyzer software serves as an ideal automated imaging and analysis platform for us

Dr. Andreas Schiwy, Goethe Universität Frankfurt am Main

Automated Kinetic Cell Assays

CELENA®X is compatible with onstage incubation systems to carry out time-lapse imaging in in physiological and non-physiological conditions. The automated system focuses automatically on and acquire each specified field with the preset imaging conditions.

CELENA®  X Explorer and Cell Analyzer

CELENA®X Explorer is an easy-to-use interface to set up automated high-content imaging experiments with ease.

CELENA®X Cell Analyzer is the powerful and flexible software to produce statistically robust data. It can be installed onto and used on a remote PC for your convenience. Smooth transition from imaging to analysis on the CELENA® X or analyze your data at your desk. With Cell Analyzer, create customized image analysis pipeline to quantitatively analyze various cellular features ranging from simple fixed cell assays to complex time-lapse live cell assays.

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