Flow Cytometer

High Performance – Bench Top – Low investment


  • Powerful – up to 17 parameter detection
  • Customizable – 1-3 laser options, exchangeable filters and flexible analysis formats
  • Best size resolution of 100 nm for extracellular vesicles, virus and bacteria detection.
  • Complex cell analysis capabilities – clinical studies, drug discovery, therapeutic antibody screening, cancer biomarker discovery or immunological research.
  • Superior fluidic system – absolute cell counts, less clogging, low maintanance costs.
  • True walk-away automation with the NovoSampler Q™ and robotic integration capabilities
  • Intuitive – easy to use NovoExpress software

NovoCyte Flow Cytometer – proven for years, popular and flexible. Without compromise, it offers proven technologies with high-quality components. The user in focus: freely configurable and expandable, it offers up to 3 lasers and 15 optical channels (17 parameters).
High performance at low investment costs.

NovoCyte Quanteon™ – Most advanced bench top flow cytometer on the market today. It is a 4-laser flow cytometer cytometer for applications in the most demanding flow cytometry laboratories. Quanteon offers multicolor analysis by 25 independent fluorescence channels and provides superior sensitivity and stability along with a 7.2 log dynamic range.
Fully automated cell wash and true walk-away automation will save you time and costs.

NovoCyte Advanteon™ – accommodates today’s high-end multi-color flow cytometry assays, and provides the flexibility of 1, 2, or 3 laser options, with up to 21 fluorescence channels and 23 independent detectors.
Customize the instrument to meet your specific needs, but easily upgrade to meet your future demands.

Our special attention was caught by the new software NovoExpress – workflow. This software is straightforward, and the software interface is easy to handle. The implemented auto compensation and hierarchic tree structure is a highlight for effective organization of experimental data

Immanual Andrä, AG Schiemann, TU Munich

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