Tissue Clearing X-CLARITY™
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Clearing – Labeling – Imaging

Key Features of Tissue Clearing X-CLARITY™

Tissue Clearing X-CLARITY™
  • Collection of systems and ready-to-use reagents
  • Simplify and standardize tissue clearing
  • Rapid, safe, efficient and reproducible
  • Non-destructive
  • Keeps endogenous fluorescent protein expression intact
  • Adaptable for various tissues

Workflow to accelerate tissue clearing and imaging with X-CLARITY™

A successful journey to tissue clearing

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X-CLARITY™ is based on the CLARITY (Clear Lipid-exchanged Acrylamide-hybridized Rigid Imaging / Immunostaining /in situ-hybridization-compatible Tissue hydrogel) method. With CLARITY, preserved tissues are embedded in a hydrogel matrix and lipids are actively extracted through electrophoresis to create a stable and optically transparent tissue-hydrogel hybrid that is chemically accessible for multiple rounds of antibody labeling and imaging.

4 simple steps toward accelerated tissue clearing

The Components of Tissue Clearing X-CLARITY™

The collection of ready-to-use reagents and systems of the tissue clearing X-CLARITY™ clears a variety of tissues and organs in a simple and standardized manner. Every component plays a specific role in the clearing process.

Hydrogel Infusion:
A fixed tissue sample is incubated in the X-CLARITY™ Hydrogel Solution Kit to allow hydrogel monomers to diffuse uniformly throughout the sample.

X-CLARITY™ Polymerization System:
Monomers polymerize in the anaerobic environment, linking the biomolecules to a hydrogel network, which preserves molecular information and structural integrity. This step is facilitated by the use of the X-CLARITY™ Polymerization System.

X-CLARITY™ Tissue Clearing System II:
Once the tissue-hydrogel hybrid has been formed, the hybrid is cleared in the X-CLARITY™ Tissue Clearing System II using the ready-to-use Electrophoretic Tissue Clearing Solution.

Lipids are extracted actively through electrophoresis or passively, leaving behind a stable and transparent tissue-hydrogel hybrid that is chemically accessible for molecular phenotyping.

X-CLARITY™ Tissue Clearing System II in more detail…

The X-CLARITY™ Tissue Clearing System II is an all-in-one, easy-to-use solution for electrophoretic tissue clearing. Its unique design accelerates the removal of lipids from tissues while preserving the structural integrity of the sample.

Users can set tissue clearing conditions through a simple and intuitive touchscreen interface. In ETC (electrophoretic tissue clearing) mode, platinum-plated electrodes generate an electric field to accelerate the removal of lipids from tissues in a highly efficient manner. A built-in temperature control system actively cools and heats buffer to maintain consistent buffer temperatures during clearing.

Buffer is constantly circulated to ensure consistent buffering capacity, temperature control, and elimination of tissue clearing byproducts. This advanced system ensures efficient, rapid, and consistent tissue clearing.

Polymerization of the tissue-hydrogel hybrid!

Transparent whole mouse brain with X-CLARITY™ in just 6 hours!

Clearing of mouse brain slice with X-CLARITY™ in action!

X-CLARITY™ validated for clearing of diverse tissues and organs

DeepLabel™ Antibody Staining Kit for Cleared Tissues

DeepLabel™ Antibody Staining Kit is a set of non-toxic, ready-to-use reagents Optimized for thick, cleared tissues, DeepLabel™ increases tissue permeability and enhances antigen-antibody binding so that antibody labeling of cleared tissues can happen rapidly and efficiently.

Key Features:

  • Rapidly and efficiently penetrate thick, protein-dense tissues at lower antibody concentrations
  • Compatible with multiple clearing methods
  • Simple protocol
  • Vibrant imaging at subcellular resolution
  • Site-specific labeling
  • Homogenous antibody distribution
  • 2.6 X greater signal-to-background

Unlike conventional labeling protocols, the molecular probes diffuse slowly into thin sample sections, which can be time-consuming. This slow diffusion can lead to uneven staining, with higher, nonspecific binding on the outside of a thicker sample. With the DeepLabel™ Antibody Staining Kit, these obstacles can be overcome.

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A successful journey to tissue clearing

Watch a webinar recording on demand.

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